What type of events will there be for the Selection Pool?

The team endeavours to put on a weekly social event for selection pool students over the course of the 3 weeks that they are with us. It will give them a taste of what a day-in-the-life of our fellows look like. We see events as an opportunity to meet other students, hear from others in the field and build your network in the tech industry.


Our events roster ranges from talks to Q&As and workshops. We aim to provide students with the opportunity to meet other fellows on the course, network outside of the organisation and hear from others in tech. Some of the topics of our events have included mental health, entrepreneurship, CV advice and writing, software engineering just to name a few! There will also be lots of opportunities where you get to hear from our corporate/community partners on how the tech industry is evolving and how they can be at the centre of it.


They will also receive a weekly bulletin highlighting any announcements or exciting events we have in store for you.