What is the process for applying for a 01F bursary?


If you are successful in passing the game, you will be asked to complete the Admin phase of your application. There you will be asked to select whether you will require financial assistance during the two-year Fellowship. If you select yes, during the Selection Pool you will be sent further details about the bursary and a bursary application form. Once you have completed these forms, our leadership team will review the applications against our criteria and allocate the funds accordingly. 


The bursary application form consists of three parts:

1. Personal Information

2.Personal Statement - 500 words outlining why you'd like to join the Fellowship, how the bursary would align with the aims of our donors and presenting a clear case of financial need)

3. Estimated budget for the 01F Fellowship. 


We will let students know after the Selection Pool whether they will receive a bursary, as you will need to pass the Selection Pool process first before being eligible to receive a bursary.