Do I have to be on campus or can I learn from home?


It is absolutely not possible to do the Selection Pool fully remotely - you should be on campus the majority of the time (including 2 weekends). 


The two-year Fellowship is a highly collaborative, community-driven style of education. About 80% of the projects on the programme are completed using teamwork, which are easier and faster to complete when being together in the same room.


Our building is open from 8am-11pm every day to allow people to work flexibly at hours that work best for them.


We highly recommend being at the campus throughout your studies, as much as you can, as there is an immense value in being in the environment and learning together with your team members. It’s very motivating to work and learn together, you will progress faster through the 'peer-to-peer' pedagogy, and we will be holding regular socials and speaker events on campus for an enriched learning experience which you won't want to miss!